Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tips...Repeat the Party

Having a themed birthday party for kids on a Sunday afternoon?  Take advantage of all the work you have done decorating and have an adult get-together on Saturday night!  This same idea works for a kid's birthday party on Saturday, and a baby or bridal shower on Sunday.  Some great ideas that work for either or are:
  • A Pirate Theme
  • A Princess Theme
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme
Yes, it might make for a long weekend with a lot of work, but you save money and time!  Do all the decorations once, use them twice!

I could use the following decor for an Alice in Wonderland Party for little girls on a Saturday Afternoon and re-use it on Sunday for a Bridal Shower.

For children? For Adults?

A Pirate-themed dinner place setting.
The above table setting would be great for a 'night-before' adult party, then recycle the decor for the kids party the next day!

A Princess Party for little girls on Saturday? A Baby Shower on Sunday?

A lovely party setting
This lovely setting could be a Tea Party for ladies on Saturday and a sweet birthday party for a young girl on Sunday.
Use your imagination, and do the work once, entertain twice!

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